Wednesday, January 15, 2020

An Overdue Hello and URGENT PRAYER NEED

Hello to anyone that still even has my blog in their feed. I will spare you with all the months of catch up but I come to you all with a prayer request!

My oldest son, Ethan, has been diagnosed with a rare cancer in his skin cells. There is no cure and can eventually go to the blood and lymph nodes leading a NOT GOOD situation.

He is almost 20 and is in college with a whole life ahead of him. We found out the day after Christmas. We are all in shock. He will have to start treatments soon. We are still waiting on 2 final tests to make sure it has not spread to the blood and lymph nodes. Please pray that is only in the skin cells and is in the beginning stages with us. Pray for a healing and a cure. I appreciate you all and know I can always lean on my readers no matter how long I am away!!


I will keep you all posted and updated. I am praying about returning on occasion here.

Friday, April 19, 2019

A Special Happy

I want to THANK a fellow blogger that hosted a giveaway at her blog. Check Wendi here at My Heart is Always Home. I won the giveaway. Wendi and I have been dear blogging friends for years. She has been a rock to me when it comes to blogging. I can always count on her to visit here, check on me when she sees I have been missing in action, and encourages me through her comments!

This sign is perfect! I needed a reminder to GIVE THANKS in my current circumstances. I had a ROUGH day the day I got this awesome package at our door. I love the towel as well.

Thank you Wendi!! Please go visit my friend's blog!


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

God's Glory in a Box?!

I reached out to God's Glory Box to see if I could review a box for them for you all and myself. The experience and kindness I received was superb. I received my box today. This is a subscription box and it was packed with all kinds of goodies. Each box usually comes with a Christian t-shirt, book, and other Christian small business crafters/artisans/creators items that add a little sweetness to the box. Also, for every box shipped 5 meals are donated to those in need. Each box has a shareable item for you to pass along to someone else to spread some hope and a taste of God's Glory. Please check out their website and their mission.

Here are some things I received.....

I love the idea of supporting a Christian company with a reputable reputation filled with life giving things to encourage us and share with others as well by some of the items in the box. I love the ideas of each box allows 5 meals donated. I love seeing handiworks from small business owners.

Please check out their website here for more information. Thank you God's Glory Box for the opportunity to review. I received one free subscription box for this review. I was not paid nor am I an affiliate.


Friday, April 12, 2019

Tips on Practicing Hospitality~Let Go of Perfection

When it comes to hospitality you have to.....Let go of perfection! This is my number one tip. Yes, we want our guest to feel welcome. Yes, we want things to be as smooth as they can be. Yes, we want our homes clean and presentable.

Guess what?  You can do those things but still not go overboard. Being in ministry my heartbeat is fellowship, connection, and community. I believe this creates unity, long lasting friendships, and a central feeling of belonging. So, I love to host.

                             Make your own strawberry shortcake with store bought pound cake!

I learned the hard way years ago to let go of perfection and enjoy having company. The Word of God encourages to be hospitable. Women in the bible times were always being put on the spot to have things ready, and to host.

Sarah~Old Testament
Martha~New Testament

Research these two women. I know Martha gets a negative reputation but honestly she is a great one to learn from about keeping the main thing the main thing.

I used to think we had to have a perfect home, bigger spaces, better furniture, and money for certain foods and decorations. If I waited for all the above I would NEVER host. NEVER. I have a decent size home, a frugal budget, older but clean and nice furniture, and I have learned it is okay to use nice paper plates!!!

I do always set up nicely or add little touches to make our guests feel welcome. We want to have our guest feel like they are at home. Not in a museum or a Better Home and Gardens copycat house that they are scared to sit, walk, and/or breathe. I have been to homes like this. I was made to feel I was in a glass house and the hostess was on edge about everything.

People want fellowship, laughter, comfort, connection, and yes...FOOD. There are many ways we can cut cost on foods. Simply have a dessert night, soups go a long way, a hearty big portion of dip and chips, pasta bakes and rolls, and please you all don't forget TAKE OUT PIZZA. Which is everyone's favorite when I host. Also, ask people to bring items and share if you need to. It is OKAY.

I also don't always cook everything. A store bought pie and a fresh cup of brewed coffee is just enjoyable served on a nice plate as a homemade pie you stressed over making and crumbles when served. But just so you will know I do cook and bake homemade items to save money as well if time allows.

A pan of brownies, ice cream, and whip cream is a great cheap treat. There are so many options to save money and make things special. Stock up on cute plates and napkins from the Dollar Store. Light a candle, spruce your home but don't go over board. People are going to come in and walk all over your floor, maybe make a spill, use your toliet and get the point.

The pictures were from our recent Connect Small Group. I had store bought pies, cake, and chips and dip. Lemonade, coffee, and tea. We laughed, prayed, and shared all kinds of great stories. People left with their hearts lifted, bellies and spirits fed. That is what it is about.

Do you like to host?  What hinders you if you don't?  What are your favorite tips on hosting?
I would love to hear from you!

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

A Little Thankfulness!

This Thursday I thought I would share some thankfulness and beauty. I have been inspired by Rebecca Jo at Knit By God's Hand. This past week we have had beautiful weather. I haven't been able to really enjoy it as I much as I would like but "little pockets" of time are better than none at all.

I have been eyeing the wildflowers and beautiful "weeds' growing along side the road in our area. My hubby and I took a trip to some back roads to cut some and I added them to my bedroom. I always have fresh flowers in my bedroom. I get them for really cheap or free. One goal of mine is to plant a cutting garden. I am thankful for beautiful wildflowers.

We had a delish Sunday meal this past Sunday. Chicken legs in the Instant Pot, potatoes in the crockpot, and corn. I had all my little helpers working for me Sunday while I was at church. I am thankful for the kitchen helpers!!!

 I am so thankful this week we have accomplished schooling and keeping up with the home! It is the little things right?!

What about you?  What are you thankful for?


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Thrifting~Goodwill Haul

Hey friends! I did a little thrifting with a friend (Hi..Tammy!) this past Friday at our local Goodwill. I needed a few pieces to add to my Spring/Summer Core Capsule Wardrobe. I found two of them at Goodwill. Name brand almost in brand new condition Tommy Hilfiger Skirts. I needed a black and a white/cream one. I was blessed this day. These run around $89.99 and I paid $3.75 (US) and I could NOT believe it. I also found a super bright pattern skirt that was Calvin Klein for $3.75. This skirt would easily run $40.00 or more at Dillard's. Below are some ways I wore these core pieces this week.


I paired my $3.75 white skirt with a gray dress from Old Navy that was $15.00 and my black Clarks flip flop comfort sandal.

I wore the Calvin Klein colored skirt for church this past Sunday. I had a green top I have owned for years and had it in my "maybe" keep for the Ten Item Wardrobe/Spring Capsule I am putting together. I think I will keep it. This shirt I got for $9.99 at Burkes. These are my dress sandals from Old Navy.  I have two pair of every day sandals that are black and brown. Two pair of dress sandals that are black and brown. Two flats that are silver and black. Two closed toe high heels that are black and gray. This is all I own for the spring/summer season. I do have some tennis shoes and some cheap flip flops for around the yard. I also have two pair of boots and that is it for Fall/Winter shoes.

This was laundry and house cleaning day and I wore the Tommy Hilfiger black skirt from Goodwill with a shirt I got from Stitch Fix. I wore my Comfy Clarks sandals again this day.

I also got my daughter a skirt that is more loose fitting for bike and horse riding. She loved it. It was an Old Navy brand for $3.75. Runs $20 in the store.

I picked up two shirts for my son in college. An Old Navy and Van Hussein each would cost $29.99 but I paid $3.75.

I got couple of Junior level classic readers for the kids at .50 cents and myself a summer read for .25 cents and then I found a book to read aloud to the kids for the summer for .25 cents.

I got some nice plates. Perfect for breakfast and lunch. I only own ten dinner size glass plates and use these for every meal or paper plates. I do not like wasting the money on paper plates and I also don't like washing my dinner plates for small servings for breakfast and lunch everyday.
I got eight plates for $3.00.

Overall, I was happy with my thrift. All of the items were quality brands and needs on my capsule wardbrobe or items we needed for the home and kids.

Have you found in great thrifts or resale items lately? Do you like thrifting?  I don't normally thrift but a few times a year and only when I need something. I am glad I went the other day!


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Making My First True "Cuppa" Tea

Can you say Tea?! Well, my friends as much I love tea cups, all things British, and tea parties I have to expose myself. I have never had a good cup of true English Breakfast Tea. I have always tried flavored teas at tea parties or gatherings. And to be honest they were okay but nothing I would like to drink on a regular basis.

Well, I decided after reading someone's blog about tea I would try to make a real cup of English Breakfast tea. So, I did what any "normal" person would do.... I researched how to make a perfect "cuppa".

My friends for fun Saturday I pulled out my old tea cup and non matching saucer. is what I had.  *Smiles* I bought me some Twinings English Breakfast Tea and made my first ever cup of tea true English/British style.

Verdict...….I LOVED IT!!!! I will be replacing coffee at times I am 100% sure. I loved it. So, did my son.

Okay...what is your favorite tea, how do you drink it, and do you like herbal teas?