Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anti-Procrastination Link-Up/Home Center

Today I decided to clean my Home Center. This is a basket that I holds all our incoming papers and bills. This has been such a great place to keep paper under control. But sometimes it gets super crazy full. So..I have to weed it out and since our move I haven't, I usually weed it monthly.
During this process I almost had a whole bag of trash....ugh!
Finished result....
  The Home Center has folders for Bills, Things to File, Important Info, my husband and I have a folder that I stick things in like cards, or invitations, church stuff that we need, then a Coupon/Sale Ad/Sale Folder. I am liking up to Amy at New Nostolgia for her Anti-Procrastination Link Up.
Chrissy  T
This weeks goals are...
Scheduling- Since moving we haven't got a groove so that is my plan
Setting up my Spring Cleaning Action Plan
Meal Planning- Again we haven't gotten back in to this.  It is a must.
Clean my fan in my bedroom!!!!!


  1. I love that idea. I may have to implement it. Where did you get that neat basket? That would go great on my kitchen island. currently all of my important papers are just sitting on my desk. I see them, but I still don't do anything with most of them in a timely manner! LOL

    1. I go the basket at target. It is actually a magazine bin. I added the mini chalkboard. The have them at the dollar store or craft store. I just hot glued it on. Thanks.


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