Thursday, February 21, 2013

Welcome to Life at Humble Abode

I have been in the blog world for over 10 years. I have had 3 main blogs over the years. My first blog was the best blog I ever had.  Blogging was the thing it seemed backed then (still for some today I suppose) but I made so many friendships through the social media. I still have some today.  But due to some life changes and privacy issues I deleted my blog short term.  That was the biggest mistake.  I lost a ton of followers and links to great blogs and when I returned it wasn't the same. The second blog was good. I was solely focusing on homeschooling and then due to life changes again deleted my blog for a while. The third blog was very hard to maintain due to a move and change of my husbands career.

My life has changed dramatically over the 10 years and even this year alone there was a move, new job, and change of schooling for my children, major health problems that I came down with.

I am starting Life at Humble Abode because I want to reconnect with some long lost blog friends and need the extra push to journal and take joy in my life as a Homemaker and Stay at Home Mome at o Our Humble Abode.



  1. Oh, you really just started this new blog! LOL - well the coffee's good anyway :) I remember your first blog - blogging really was the thing then. Now with facebook, it's not as in vogue, but really I prefer my blog to facebook. I stopped blogging, but never deleted it. Now I'm thankfully back to it. I really blog more for myself - it helps me straighten my thoughts, but I also love the cyber-friendships I have made over the years!


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