Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bathroom Love

I decided to organize my bathroom linen cloest and cabinets today. Here is the before shots.

I got some baskets from Dollar General. I plan to make labels but that didn't get done today.

I also tackled our vanity cabinets and drawers. I didn't do a before shot I forgot because I was so into working. Smiles.

Here is a peek of our bathroom. Since this a rental (while we are waiting for the right home to purchase since we just moved to the area) I am limited to paint colors and such. I would prefer a lighter bathroom (white cabinets and trims) but I am just grateful to not live in our church (that was our option if we couldn't find a place to rent) and so I will not complain. Smiles.

I love to decorate all my rooms with scriptures. I love having scriptures or uplifting quotes in every room. 

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