Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March.....Early Rise!!!

Good morning...I am joining Crystal for the Early to Rise Challenge for the Month of March. I plan to rise daily (Monday-Friday) at 6 am. alarm went off and I really wanted to stay in bed....but I refuse to.  I got up fixed me some Cocoa. I woke up to snowy I turned on my morning prayer music and then dug into prayer. Halfway through my little girl woke up with a ear infection and so I tended to that and then went back to prayer. My goal was to read the bible and pray to 7:00 but it got interrupted with mom duties. Which is hilarious because my kids NEVER wake up.

I kept a cheerful heart knowing that I did get up and I am excited for the day. I got some much needed focused prayer and I will read later this morning.

Please join some great tips and motivation from's daily post on Early Rising.



  1. I have also been rising at 530 am Monday through Friday which is 30 minutes earlier than usual. My big pitfall is I am in the habit of going back to bed at around eightish and sleeping til noon, perhaps that defeats the purpose!


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