Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the Potters Hands

The story of the Potter in Isaiah never grows old to me. My husband preached on this this morning. It refreshed and reminded me that I am a work in process.  Sometimes that process can be painful, uncomfortable, tender, and even trying to the core.

But I think about the passion and creativity behind a Potter.  Creating beautiful and unique vessels so passionately. A lot of potters claim that their heartbeat was in each part of the formation. I desire to be a vessel for the Lord. When we pray that we want to be a vessel, He will get to work. Squishing, rolling, beating, wetting, forming, pinching and then comes placing us in the oven to refine us. 

Then glazing, some more oven time, and then painting. And if during the process he sees any malformations, or sees the vessel not forming quite the way he desires...he will crunch it all down and start again.

Are we willing for all the work it takes to become a Vessel of God of pure holiness and beauty?  It takes a lot of the above...I can testify it isn't always fun. Far from it to be honest. Sometimes...I struggle with not just wanting to be a mudball instead of a vessel. I am just being honest. Smiles.  But in the end I am reminded that becoming a vessel isn't about me becoming a Beautiful Vessel for me. It is about showing God's handiwork in my life to others. us during the process of  becoming a vessel for you. Let your handiwork, creativity, and heartbeat form us the way you desire. Not our own desires. But yours. We love you. Thank you for taking such wonderful time to work in our lives and form us into a Vessel for You.

Mrs. Chrissy T


  1. Thank-you for beautifully illustrating Isaiah's words. We are a work in progress.



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