Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Purse Cleaning & DVD Organizing

I had two small projects (if you can call cleaning your purse a project..LOL) that I had put off for way tooooo long.

Cleaning out my purse and organizing our DVD's adn Wii games.

Purse Project...I am actually ashamed but here you go.....


My New Spring Purse....
I also cleaned and organized my wallet. 
I had a ton of those saving cards like CVS, Walgreens, and etc. and they filled every one of my little card slots and really took up a ton of space. First, I had to weed through because since our move there are a lot of stores that are in this area so I got rid of those cards. Second, I used those snack size ziplock bags to store them, and certain other little things in my wallet.  It was quick and cheap fix.
The second project that I have avoided since we moved was our DVD and Wii games collection,  It had become very cluttering. We actually don't watch a lot of movies but we have a small collection of workout videos and wholesome family movies we use for the occasional family movie night.  I started by getting all the dvd's and Wii games and putting them in categories and then placed them in holders or a box.
I organized the DVD's in this holder. It works best for us because we don't own a lot and boxes or baskets would have take to much space.
I organized my exercise dvd's in their own holder.
This box I got from Dollar General and I organized the kids Wii Games in it.
Inside the cabinet I got 2 boxes from the Dollar Store. One holds Wii remotes, and the other holds the DVD Holders and DVD's we get from the library.
It feels so much better to get these things done that I hae put off.  I am linking up to Anti-Procrastination link up at New Nostalgia and One Project at a time from a Bowl Full of Lemons.
New Nostalgia
Mrs. Chrissy T

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