Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bunnies, Flower Gardening, and Prayer Retreat Pictures

Dear Friends,

This has been a very up and down week so far. Spiritual battles have hit my home front.  Of Course...I figured once I made that dedication to get up early and stick with my morning time with God that the enemy would throw his darts.

Thank God for the Shield of Faith!!!! Anyway...please be in prayer for me as I need a special prayer.  Thank YOU!

On the HOME FRONT....

While planting flowers in our flowers beds we discovered a den of bunnies.

We planted some flowers, ivy, and lavender. We still have some other things we want to do but time and money is limited.  I did get some bird feeders and food today. I am excited to see the hummingbirds. I have already seen one. Smiles.

Here are some pictures of our Marriage Prayer Retreat. This was the beautiful view from our cabin.

The back of our Cabin and the 30 Foot Bronze statue of Jesus holding a lamb. The retreat was held a Christian Facility in the middle of the foot hills of the Appalachian Mtns.

It was a refreshing time. We gathered with over 50 other couples and focus prayed, learned tips on effective prayer, worshipped, and sang together. It was lovely.

I will admit the last couple of days have been hard emotionally and spiritually. I am trying to step back and let God but I sometimes get in the way. Smiles. Today in my quiet time I was encouraged to memorize some passage. I will share tomorrow or later in the week the passage.

We ended our day with a yummy bowl of Veggie Soup, grapes, biscuits, and cheese.  I am thankful for my crock-pot. It is one of my servants...Smiles.

After supper and clean up, we showered up and headed to church. My husband led us in Focus Prayer. It was very refreshing.


Mrs. Chrissy T

Christ loves YOU!

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