Friday, April 5, 2013

Easy $5 and 5 Minute DIY Mini Cloche

*April 16, 2013 RePost*

Hello...I am reposting a older post because I wanted to share this ideas with others. Blessings.  I am linking to Pam, at Sharing the Shelter Link UP.

I was inspired the other day by a new favorite blogger of mine, Notions from Nonny, to do a DIY Cloche. You have to check out hers they are amazing.  Cloches can be a very pricey little treasure. I have always wanted one. She made some that were wonderful using Dollar Store and Thrift Store finds.

I couldn't wait to head to the Dollar Store during my Shopping Day to see what I could find. They didn't have the items she had got, but I got creative and made a mini-cloche.

I started off with a bag of moss, a candle glass plate, glass candle holder, a glass candle votive holder, bird, nest (I already owned from the Dollar Store) and a glue gun.

 I glued the candlestick holder on bottom of plate, spread some moss, and placed my little nest and bird and the placed my holder on top. I have rearranged the bird a few times, because it is kind of crowded looking.

The results....

I am happy with the results. No..its not as nice as the one at Hobby Lobby, but I still think for $5 bucks and a couple of minutes not to shabby.

On another note I made this super yummy (not so healthy) but cheap meal that cost me $5 as well.

Here is the link to the recipe for Hamburger and Cream of Mushroom Soup over Rice. I did use Red Fat Crm of Mush Soup, and Lean Beef. 
My family loved it. It is a must on our Easy Frugal List. I added green beans and biscuits.

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Mrs. Townsend


  1. Well, Dollar Store here I come! I love Dollar Store crafts. Especially ones that don't look like it. I have a "thing" for birds and this just makes me smile. It would make a sweet gift to take to the hospital as a change from flowers. Just add a tag with Matthew 6:26!


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