Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday....Meal Planning, Mowing, and Schooling

Dear Sweet Readers,

Today has been a wonderful day.  Peace has filled my soul and home. I am so happy to have my children back at home with me.  Today was my husband's off day.  I went ahead and got up and had my daily quiet time.....oh...was it so delightful. I will admit when my alarm went off I cringed a bit. Smiles. I layed there and debated for about 10 minutes, but my post yesterday challenged me to get up and have that precious time with my Lord.

In my quiet time I read Psalm 11, Ephesians 2:8-10 (memory work), and then read some devotional. I also read a chapter in, "A Excellent Wife", and I prayed. I enjoyed listening to Fernando Oretgo music at this time. It was so refreshing.

We had a little school today to get back into Homeschool since we are adjusting to them returning home.  It was very good. I got to work with kids individually with little interruptions so that was nice. They both did well.

I cleaned my husbands car, and did laundry, blessed the home with a quick spruce.
Tonight we are going to have BBQ Burgers and Beans.

I am working on our Menu Plan for the week. I have been trying to collect frugal simple meals so I am still in process.

First I checked what I already have and planned from that.

Monday- BBQ Burgers and Beans

BBQ Burgers
burger patties
bbq sauce
garlic, salt and pepper

Add seasons to patties, cook patties, and then place in a dish cover with BBQ Sauce and cover dish with foil cook for about 10 to 15 min on 325. Toast buns and serve up!!

Tuesday- Italian Chicken Quarters, Mash Potatos, and Cabbage

Italian Chicken Quarters
Chicken Quarters
Italian Dressing
Seasonings...italian, garlic, salt, and pepper

Marinate quarters overnight in the above and crockpot low-med for 5 to 6 hours.

Wednesday- Baked Spaghetti, green beans, and rolls

Thursday- Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken with Rice, and Corn

Friday- Out (we have a church event)

Saturday- Veggie Soup, Cheese Cubes, Grapes, and Crackers

Veggie Soup

1 container of V8 ( I normally don't use this but I was given some so I am using it)
1 large bag of frozen Veggies ( I also throw any leftover veggies from the week in my pot)
Diced up onion and potatoes
Dash of seasons, and oil
Boil and then simmer!

Sunday- Ravioli Bake, Veggies, and Rolls


Today my husband cranked out the tractor for our mowing.....we have 6 acres to mow this summer. We started it today for the first time. The weather has been divine and I am so thankful for the fresh breeze blowing through our abode.

Blessings today my friends.

Christ Loves You,
Mrs. Chrissy T


  1. It is very hard for me to read your font on here, so I'm reading it in my reader for now, just wanted to let you know!

    Those meals look good!!


    1. Thanks for letting me know. Testing it out. I like it, but I can see where it could be hard. Thanks. Blessings.


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