Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh, Lovely Grace & Kitchen Sink Verses

Dear Lovelies,

I can't express to you the change I have felt in our home only after a few days of consistent quite time first thing in the day.  The mother sets the mood in her home and I have seen the reality of this.  I can't help but to watch my actions, and aim to flow in the Spirit, after my time with God.  Spending time with the Lord first thing has set the platform for our days.

This image found online reminded me of the scene of Anne Of Green Gables!

Of Course....we have had some moments, but there is that wonderful gift of Grace that God gives us. I am so thankful for this grace. I have mentioned before I never want to take advantage of this GRACE. I do try to aim to walk in the spirit, but if my flesh rises up over it (which occasionally happens) I hit the floor asking for forgiveness and there is a ocean of grace that washes over me. Grace is like the waves hitting the shore. Waves are ever present. I am thankful for waves of grace.


Kitchen Sink Verses or Quotes has been so helpful in reminding me to stop and visit with the Lord throughout my day. I have a mini chalkboard that sits right above my sink. I tend to be there a lot. *Smiles* 

I am also trying to get more water in. So, I bought a couple cups with scriptures from the bible store when they were on sale. These cups keep my water cool for a long time. I fill it up first thing when I get up. I aim to fill it up 3 times before lunch and twice more before bed. I throw lemons, oranges, or a drizzle of unsweet cranberry juice for flavor.

School went well today. We learned about cells in science, toured a cave in France (online of course) and we headed out for a play date for my youngest two. I had some grocery shopping to do. So, I made it for this day to save on gas. Everything is drive.
I got the windows open, classical music playing, sipping on some tea, and I am also cooking dinner. It is boiling and baking right now.  *Smiles* We have church tonight.
Here is a scripture that ministered to me today.
"I will sing unto the Lord, because he hath dealt bountifully with me." Psalm 13:6
Christ Loves You,
Mrs. Chrissy T


  1. How wonderful swee friend, I love how you have the scripturs all over your house. I would love the mugs, too. Thank you for your sweet visit. The upside down is easy and fast to make, just with one big apple and you're ready to go! Big hugs,

    1. We are going to make it and have tea. Not something often done in my area, but I am going to add it to our days now and then. Thanks for your visit.

  2. God started waking me up very early just before lent. So when I was deciding what he would have me give up. It was my sleep. The extra time so early in the morning has been priceless in more ways than I can count. Yay for your Chrissy! God will bless and redeem that special time you have with him!

    Awk! I guess I'm failing at the letters and numbers so many tries...hope I get this one.

    1. I got it...yay! I have had the same problem with a few blogs. Smiles. Thanks for your visit and sweet encouragement.

  3. That quiet time with God is so wonderful isn't it. Love the idea of a chalkboard with scriptures on in the kitchen. Thanks for your visit.

    1. Thank you...and thanks for your visit. You inspired me to have some tea and bible study with some women. Smiles.

  4. I am astounded and awed by Grace! Love the lake photo. Have a nice week :)

  5. A beautiful and grace filled post. Thank you for sharing.


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