Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saying No to Flesh and Saying Yes to Spirit

I have been in that place where my flesh has been really strong. I am glad that I have went through this season (not the choices or consequences from fleshly actions) because it reminds me of my complete dependence on Jesus.

I am thankful for Grace....although...I NEVER want to take advantage of the precious grace. Mark me, that my fleshy decisions may seem like normal to some people. They haven't been like horrible things (but then again one sin equals all) but it has brought a distance from the flow of the spirit and I want to walk in the Spirit and flow with the Lord.

I am thirsty and hungry for the Lord. My flesh often takes over and replaces that thirst with things that aren't true deep nourishment from the Heavenly One above.

I am eager to be in the presence of the Lord...but often times that flesh of mine gets really distracted by normal daily "little" things that take up my time and then I am left hitting my pillow realizing that I didn't basque in His presence. I long for that dance with my Lord. His embrace wrapping me again in prayer. That sweet beautiful fragrance that I smell when He is near and with me. I want to say yes to the spirit and no to my flesh. Through this I will be able to draw back to flowing with Him.

One way to do this is to refresh my Quiet Time. I have let myself give in on way to many occasions and not woke early to have that special set aside time with my Lord. I believe (because I have experienced and know) that starting your day off first thing with the Lord results in a ALL DAY flow with the Lord.

This week I plan to rise up early to be with the Lord. To drink from His Well, to sit at His feet, to dance with Him.  Please pray for me to say no to my flesh and yes to my spirit. Blessings and thank you.

Christ Loves You,

Mrs. Chrissy T

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  1. I also like to start my day with the Lord. Though I rarely miss that time, I do sometimes let myself sleep in a bit and then I have to hurry my quiet time or do it with kids up and around me (which is distracting) I too need to work on denying the flesh and making myself rise a bit earlier so that I can have good quality time with God. Thanks for the good post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I understand completely. :)


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