Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Gift of Grace

Dear Sweet Readers,

I will be honest my friends..the getting up earlier than normal finally caught up with me and I was TIRED when I got up. My eyes where heavy and I had a harder time focusing. But God gave me such strength and blessed me today. He honored my very small sacrifice and blessed me with strength.

I had to push my way through this day...but I just kept active and got more than what I even had plan to accomplish done.  I did start my day off with a yummy smoothie. They usually give me a energy boost. My green smoothies are the best for this though.

School was a little slower paced but we got it finished and it was enjoyable. That is always good. *Smiles* Hannah is doing so well in reading. We have a way to go but she is doing really good.

My mom is coming in for the weekend from Alabama (8 hours from here). My husband and I have a Minister and Wives Prayer Retreat we are going to. She is coming to help with the children. She loves any opportunity to sneak here and visit. Smiles!

I am thankful for her help. We don't like leaving our children with just anyone and so we usually don't go to things overnight, but it worked for her to come and visit this time. So, we did our house chores today for her arrival. Hannah helped me today with bathrooms.

We had library day today and got to make library book bags, that was fun. We picked up several good reads for the upcoming week.  I went through my kids clothes and made a donation box and hung up spring clothes.

Today in the Word...I was encouraged in my devotional to thank 3 people that had showed me the Gift of Grace. I loved this and I quickly let these people know that had showed me Grace how much I was thankful for them.

I encourage you to do the same. It is a blessing to receive Grace from others but it is also a blessing to give Grace!  Do you need to give someone the gift of Grace today?


Mrs. Chrissy T

Christ Loves YOU!

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