Thursday, May 2, 2013

Loving Ladders

I have this thing for old ladders. I love them. I see people do so many neat things in their homes (outside, too) using them to decorate. I found this old ladder last year for .25 cents and I loved it. It matched my old home (the one we built and just moved from) than this one. My other home was country cottage and simple. I loved it.

The home we are renting (we just moved here to Pastor a church) is more traditional but I have made it cottage like the best I can. It is also much smaller than our other home so even the smallest decoration counts when it comes to space. I originally put my ladder in the garage and stored it.  But yesterday as we cleaned and organized the garage I brought it in.

I seen a idea on pinterest and thought I would use it.

I put it in my bedroom which has a romantic country cottage beachy feel. Then I put some special pictures of my husband and I to make it more romantic. 

I don't have the best camera so it doesn't do the images justice. It looks much better than it appears.

Just thought I'd share the idea I found off pinterest and show my tweaked version of it.

Mrs. Chrissy T

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  1. I love it .. Looks great .. Love you, mom

  2. Very looks very nice!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love that! Don't you love putting things away then bringing them out again. Such a sweet picture of the two of you, too.


  4. What a great decorating idea! I always wanted a little house with a gingerbread cottage feel!

    1. for sure has that feel. Smiles. It is cozy!

  5. Old ladders are very fun. I like your decorating!


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