Saturday, August 31, 2013

Small Space Schooling

Welcome to Arrows of Heritage Homeschool!

The table below is our main station for school. This holds our chalkboard, art supplies, and lesson plans. But this table may be used for studies as well. Underneath the table houses each kids daily school books and materials for the day.

 I am so excited about our upcoming year.  This is the first time I have not had my own room/big area for homeschool.  Our new home is very small. I have to utilize every nook and cranny. Our dining area is pretty nice and roomy (not large by no means) so we are setting up our main school area in there. Although, we use a little bit of every area of the home and outside as well.

I got the idea below from Pinterest and I love it. You get a bamboo turntable from WalMart, galvanized buckets, chalkboard labels, and magnets. You put magnets on the turntable and the buckets will stick right on. I put our colors, art pencils, glue, scissors, and pencils in them. This is so handy. No more color boxes, and big containers.

 I Chalkboard from TJ MAX!!!  Love It!  Love It!!!!

 Boxes are from TJ Max as well. There were a large canvas box. They are very sturdy.

 Again...I am utilizing every square inch. So...I am using our door that is in our dining area for our Calendar time wall, and sight word pockets. I can't be sticking them on the walls so this seemed the best.

We are also very excited about our Bible Road Trip Curriculum this year. Our core of our schooling this year is our Bible Time. This is separate from Quiet Time Bible Devotions. This is Study the Word and it will be the first part of our day. I am thrilled about it and I want our Homeschool to be based on the Biblical Schooling.
This container holds our bible materials for the lessons that are daily.

Thanks for visiting our little blog and peeking at our Homeschool Area!


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