Saturday, September 7, 2013

Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up (2nd Week)

 We went to tour the Replicas of the Nina and Pinta and it was a whole lot of fun. Ethan (oldest) was the only one that said he would love to live on the ship! Of course, he is my history buff.  It was very educational and they really enjoyed it. 

 The trip didn't take as long as I had thought so on our way home (it was a hour and 15 min drive) we stopped by the Kentucky Dam. That was wonderful. I think my youngest and I enjoyed it the most. Although, they all did we all had our favorite moments.

How would you like to iron with that iron above?  You fill the middle with hot charcoal.  I am very glad for modern appliances!!!

On the home front we are plugging away at our school. We are studying Continents, Our Country, and the Earth. They have enjoyed making flags, coloring flags, and working on our Bible Notebooks.

 My son who wanted to make a weird face on purpose...Gotta love this age!
 All my pretty pillow and throws were being traded to make fort adventure!  They love this! They even ate their lunch in it. 
Here is a couple things we use as far as curriculum...

Reading Instruction and Phonics (both younger kids)-

Explode the Code Books, Hooked On Phonics, and Bob books. This is a great combination and they work well for us. Especially... since the light bulb is beginning to click for my daughter who has had visual perception issues.
We also use a Spelling Book and Dolche Workbook that has been super helpful to us. I purchased these at a Teacher Supply Store.

Language Arts/Lit/Writing-
Ethan uses a program for this called Complete Curriculum, certain workbooks I have purchased, Daily Grams, and Daily Writing Prompts.


Hannah uses Math Mammoth.  We love this!!!!
Kyle uses Life Pac for Kindergarten because we already owned it and it works for him but when he is done we will solidly use Math Mammoth as well.
Ethan uses Teaching Textbooks Pre Algebra!

Social Skills/History-

The younger ones use Abeka 2nd Grade History Reader.  I use this as a spine and then do a deeper study with certain topics. For example, we are learning about the Flag, so we are learning about different ones over the time, Betsy Ross, and we craft our own flag that we plan to enter in next year County Fair. I basically go through it and section off the topics, find crafts, books, activities, worksheets, and so on to dig deeper for each topic.

Ethan is also studying Early American History using a curriculum called Complete Curriculum that I also add books, videos, and notebooking to deepen the lessons. We also use History Pockets!!


All my kids use Elemental Science. This year we are studying Earth & Astronomy!  We love this program so far. It has a classical education approach with notebooking and it is very good for us.


We use a very hands on and deep study (I believe) it is called Bible Road Trip, made by another homeschool mom. It is free and worth a look at. Google it and it will take you to her.  It has a Classical Education Approach with notebooking!

Of course.....if my kids get on a whim and something interest them I take advantage this learning moment and we dig into it. I call this the Delight Direct Learning moments and we go with it. My kids are crazy about wolves. Anything wolves. So...I got books from the library, movies, and hit wonderful Pinterest for ideas on wolf crafts, and color pages. We begin a full day of fun learning on these things.

I will admit this week at first has been rough due to my health (again) and I could use some prayers that the cause of my illness be resolved soon. We had to work extra hard to stay on track this week between Dr. visits and myself being couch bound!!

God is good and He really helped me so much. My husband taught for me one day and that was a super amazement and help. They all pitched in with chores, and my husband even brought me fresh flowers tonight. First time in years!!! 

I am pleased with our 2nd week. We are looking forward to next week. My kids are counting down days to our Skate Day with fellow Homeschoolers' this week!  I am anxious to catch up with some special ladies from the homeschool group as well.

I hope your week was filled with joy even amongst stressful moments there really is a silver lining of joy!

Chrissy T

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  1. That's tough when health is an issue while homeschooling! I wish you well as you homeschool your little arrows! Love your curriculum choices, some I'm not familiar with, but they sound great! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. If I lived closer, I would help! :) Looks like a fun week!

  3. What a great field trip. You got SO much done in your week. I am impressed.

    1. Oh..I tried. But there for sure rough moments!!!!

  4. It looks like your kids had a fabulous week. Well done for saying yes to things like fort adventures even when you weren't well! Sending prayers for your return to wellness.
    Lucinda (grateful for my electric steam iron)

    1. Thank you for your prayers and I loved your blog. I will be visiting often!

  5. What a neat field trip! I would love to see the Nina and Pinta replicas, and I bet my kids would too.

    visiting from HMJ - have a great week!

  6. Enjoyed rdg abt your week and your curr choices!
    Thank you. Found you at the HSMWeekly Journal

    God bless!

  7. We toured these boats when they were in our area, too. It was gret fun and taught me just how small those ships were. Thanks for sharing a great homeschool post.


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