Monday, December 30, 2013

Book List for 2014

Last year I really had a hard time reading and sticking with books. I am a lover of books. I have always been a book hoarder.  I have this magnet on me that draws me to all book stores or the section of books in any place.

I have missed having my reading time. I plan to add this back into my life. With so many new changes last year it was just not my season to cuddle up with numerous books and drift away into another land. I did read some but not like my normal and none that really made lasting impressions.

Here is my list for this year. I planned 11 books this year. One to read every month. I left off one month so I could have this for catch up or a break. I also plan to read my bible in the year program.

Bible- Bread of Life Bible Year Plan
One Thousand Gifts- Ann Voskamp
In My Father's House- Corrie Ten Boom
Charlotte Mason Companion Karen Andreola
For the Children's Sake- Susan Schaeffer
Drawing Near to God- Cheryl Craft
When Ye Give- Joy Haney
Handle With Care- David Reynolds
Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord- Dave Stone
Finding Your Purpose as a Mom- Donna Otto
Radical- David Platt
Tortured for Christ- Richard Wurmbrand

Some of these I have already read or have only partially and would like to complete these. I am really excited to also add some books on natural living and gardening this year. I also would like to learn more on herbs, green living, and whole foods cooking. But I haven't struck the right books yet. I will add them to the list once I read the other books. I already own these books above and refuse to buy or check out another book before these. Ok....I may be slightly stretching that. *Smiles*

Do you have any books you aim to read?



  1. I won't even tell you how many books I own that I either haven't read yet or haven't finished LOL! =0 If 11 bookshelves is any indication then.....well...*ahem*

    I have several I'm reading on my Kindle and then a few from the library when I got off on a rabbit trail of women's rights this past month. I do plan on going through our books this year and purging some and then making a plan to read the ones I want to keep.

    I have a sample of that book by Ann Voskamp and wow, can she write! Not sure how the book is though, let me know when you finish it if you remember or can. Also, I have looked through "For the Children's Sake" and it was a good read but I didn't get to finish it all and had to turn it back in to the library.

    1. I understand. I actually just purged through mine and that helped me make my list. I will let you know how that book is.


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