Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Jesus Is the Bread of Life...Giving this Season

This Christmas we changed up a few things. We really wanted to find ways to give this year and show Christ to others. We scaled back on our own gift giving to be able to give to those in need. This year we bought 2 chickens and 3 ducks for families in need through World Vision.

We raised $155.00 for Home Missionaries by selling and making (as a family) dipped oreos.  This was hard work but worth the effort. 

Our Church puts together boxes of Christmas Dinners to distribute to the needy in our community. A man got the burden years ago to do this and they have been doing such a great job.  We jumped in and helped in whatever areas we could.

This year we decided to pass out fresh loaves of french bread with an invitation for our Christmas service on it. We passed out 60 loaves of bread. IN THE RAIN! But it was worth it. Many people were so pleased.

 Some of our faithful servants below. They are the most hard working women I know.
 The man below is the one behind the idea of Christmas Dinner Boxes. He works very hard getting this together.

I don't say all this to boast of what we have done. I am just so thankful that God has opened our hearts a few years ago about the REAL REASON for this SEASON. I am thankful for the revelation. It has made our Christmas more meaningful.  My kids get 3 gifts for Christmas and we have a small budget per a child. My kids are so thankful for their gifts because they have seen others in so much more need than us.

I am thankful the pressure has been lifted off of us to keep up with others (as far as gift giving goes) and not having waste and clutter for things that take up so much space and never get used. I am thankful that our bank account wasn't drained for things! It is still low but it was used to bless others not ourselves. Although...Jesus birth isn't a solid for sure date...what a wonderful time to show His character. Our goal should not just be showing Christ during Christmas but EVERY SINGLE DAY and YEAR ROUND!

I pray we stretch ourselves to keep the "Season" in every "Season" no matter Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall. Let us keep up the Christmas Spirit Year Round.

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