Monday, December 30, 2013

Special Dates With My Kids

One thing I wanted to do before the New Year was have individual dates with my children. Hannah and I went to have pedicures, Chinese, and antique shopping total girl day. We finished our day with a nature walk.

 Kyle chose bowling and ice cream so we headed to bowling and he had ice cream while I drooled because I am going sugar free. 

 Ethan wanted to go bowling as well so we had a separate date and had pizza and bowling. Then we headed for a country drive to chat.
 After all our dating I used our leftovers from Christmas to make a Ham Ring. These are so yummy and good. Not healthy at all or sugar free.

Leftover ham, Honey Mustard, cheddar cheese and 2 cans of crescent rolls. Bake at 375. 
We have enjoyed our holiday break but I am ready for order, structure and for a REAL clean home again.  This week is my planning, cleaning, and organizing week. So, I will be blogging my plans about converting our cleaning products to natural cleaners, and cleaning our kitchen out to make it a Whole Foods kitchen.



  1. That is awesome to let them each have their own special time with momma! :-) That ham ring looks soooo good, send me a bite!

  2. I wish. One day we will have to have that cup of tea!


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