Saturday, January 4, 2014

Daniel Fast Day 3 & 4

Our family is still plugging away at eating the Daniel Fast way. I noticed today I felt more clearer headed. My face also has a shine to it. I noticed then my husband said something to me.  I have been sugar free and caffeine free for a few days before my family I am starting to come out of the horrid withdraw funks.

My kids on the other hand are cranky, complain of headaches, and are very tired. My little one ended up having to get some extra protein. His little body (granted he is 6) just couldn't handle such a shock of sugar withdraws. He was my most junk food eater, and sweet tooth. So, he really had a bad crash. I was concerned and felt I should add eggs to his diet as needed.

Here are a couple of meals we have been enjoying and snacks.

Pepper Stir Fry with Brown Rice, Spinach Pomegranate Orange Salad, with Sweet Potatoes.

 Fruit Salad, Almonds, and Olives has been my kids breakfast favorite.

Banana Peanut Sandwich snacks. Believe me the kids are living off peanut butter and banana. Granted the peanut butter is all natural and no sugar so it is different to them.
We have been drinking lots of water. We add lemons and limes in it for a little kick. There are also a lot of healthy benefits from lemon water. It detoxifies, boost your energy, and gives you a shot of come vitamins.

Onward we go!


  1. They are getting natural sugar in the fruits like you mentioned before, but it is those withdrawals from that table sugar that is the worst! It is a whole different type of sugar and the stuff in all the junk and processed foods.

    I started up on caffeine again and I need to stop because I'm doing it daily now and so mad at myself. I'm going to start tapering down again and get back off it - I felt so much better without it but I do enjoy the instant energy. However, that doesn't last long does it? LOL! =0

    1. Oh my sweet friend...I know. I like that instant energy as well. When I came off of it it felt like death. I am not joking. LOL!

  2. Very creative meals! :-). I have never done the Daniel fast. I am sure you have to be. You will be blessed!! :-)


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