Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eating Healthy-What is Really Important

As most of you know you have heard me share how I am on a path of cleaning our kitchen and diets up to become a more cleaner and healthier option. I am trying to keep a balanced perspective and not get caught up in healthy eating that it becomes my every thought.  I do know that for years I have been suffering with numerous ailments and I am thankful that through prayer and study I knew the Lord was leading me to clean up our eating and for me personally to let go of gluttony. Which is a sin (gluttony) although we excuse that and pretend it isn't! It is!  I had (still at times even with healthy stuff) a tendency to gorge myself sick.

Yesterday, my friend shared a link to a article that is wonderful. It was like I wrote it myself. I am thankful for this article and the honesty behind it. Stacy Makes Cents writes a piece on, Food Is Not Your God.  This piece was a wonderful reminder to keep a balanced Godly perspective when trying to be healthy. In other words, don't get so worked up on eating healthy that it becomes your God.

Anything we put before our God is an idol. If you spent countless hours on cooking sites, blogs, and Pinterest to clean your "temple" and haven't even read your Word or prayed...hmm? 

This is eye opening for me!  I have spent hours before on sites and such trying to find recipes, learn how restock our kitchen, and so on.  May I not let this journey to healthy eating become an idol but a better a path to draw close to God. Reminding me that His Word tells us how to eat, He is the Alpha and Omega, and the Author of our lives.

Yes, eating cleaner has helped me feel so much better. Rid me of pains in my stomach, depression, and kidney issues. I think there should be a proper balance. I am not ever going to say I will never eat milk duds again but I will say they will be a rare treat.

So, in closing I believe it is important to eat well so that you feel well. By doing this you can serve the Lord, family, and the world better. But eating healthy and worrying over it all the time must not take precedence over what is really important. God covers all. He is in control. If we simply pray, study, and use good judgment over what benefits our bodies we will have a peace about the whole situation.


Check out that piece!  Stacy shares a great read.


  1. I love how candid you are on this subject. Thank you for this eye opening post!


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