Monday, January 6, 2014

Finding Joy In January

Let us be honest....for some of us January can be quite wary. I know!!!  It is the month of new beginnings, new fresh pages, new hopes, and fresh paths we hope our feet will take. Unfortunately, I've never been a winter person. I usually get the blahs, and humbugs pretty badly during the winter months. Where I live everything is gray, bleak, plain, lifeless, and just blah.

This year I am determined to find Joy in January. I began to feel that creepy heaviness in my soul a couple of weeks ago actually.  I keep hearing the word JOY. My husband will nonchalantly mention JOY. I read scriptures, books, or a blog post with the word...JOY!

I know Christ is my JOY and if I am connected to that vine I will be in JOY. Thank the Lord I do have a form of JOY in my heart but I want more. I want to go deeper. I want to not look at things being gray but that there is a hope of a sunrise on the horizon.

I plan to share a post a couple days a week about Finding Joy In January!

Here is a poem I found I thought I'd share.....

Merry January

Sound of joy and merry
O.. Morning has come
They shout Merry January
O.. Something will truly come

There Janus stands up high
A blessing day of a beginning
There Janus flies up high
A blessing gift from the beginning

Follow the light never stop
There the doors of hope
Go to the light never stop
Open the doors of hope

It's the merry January
For the hopes truly come
A promising January
For all the blessings come


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