Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happenings In the Eclectic Kitchen (Whole Food Experiments)

This week we tried a couple of Whole Food Recipes. We are rating these for us to start a recipe book and only keep the keepers. It is simply rated on our liking, did I have to force us to finish it, or was it amazing.

Rate Scale: 1-2- NOT A KEEPER, 3- Maybe but I may do some tweaking, 4-5- WILL GO IN BOOK! In other words it is a good, healthy, and whole food recipe.

Heavenly Homemakers Crispy Treats

Family Rating: 4

These were yummy but I felt a little to peanut buttery. I think I will cut the peanut butter back. To me they are nothing like a crispy treat but more like a granola bar taste. I am sure it is how I made them and not in result to the Awesome Heavenly Homemaker!

Here is the link to the Crispy Treat recipe.

Whole Wheat Pancakes by Fifteen Spatualas

Family Rating: 5 plus

These were the best pancakes I have ever ate. You couldn't tell at all they were whole wheat.  My kids looooooved them. This is a keeper. I will say..... these aren't the easy box mix and add water pancakes. It does take some time and effort. But if you have time you can cook up extra and freeze to be a time saver.

Recipe link here. Totally worth the effort!!!!!!!

French Toast Roll Ups

Family Rating- 5 Plus

Another Big Hit. Easy, quick and special breakfast!!!!

8 slices of 100% Whole Wheat Bread
Cream Cheese
Chopped Strawberries

2 eggs (Cage Free)
REAL butter (1 to 2 tablespoons)
1/3 cup of sugar substitute ( I use sucanat)
1-2 tablespoons of cinnamon

Slice Crust of bread off. Spread (room temp) cream cheese on bread slices and put berries on one end and roll up.

You will beat eggs and melted butter.  Put sugar substitute and cinnamon on a plate. After rolling the bread up you coat with eggs, then roll in cinnamon mixture and place in frying pan on medium heat. Cook as you would french toast. Serve with maple syrup.  Yummy.

This was a great Saturday breakfast.

Lastly, I tried to make homemade fruit roll ups and while I am sure that it is healthier it isn't cost efficient in my book. The oven was on for hours on end. I could have used a dehydrator but most recipes said it could take a day.

A DAY!!! Not something we are that interested in.  My kids never eat roll ups! I thought it would be a fun neat snack to try but not worth the time and effort. We will skip roll up's in the box and homemade. Unless, I can find a better recipe and it is cost efficient. You have to consider the time, and wasted electricity to make some gummy fruit snacks. Smiles!

Thought I'd share what has been going on in our kitchen. Check out the links! You will love these sites.



  1. Those look awesome, thanks for sharing! :-)

    I love Heavenly Homemakers recipes - I love her tuna mac/cheese, that is a favorite in my family with a side of peas.

    1. Thanks! That sounds good.ill ave to look at that one. Hope all is okay.


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