Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Family Daniel Fast Day 1

Happy New Year!  I pray you all have a great upcoming year. As you know my word for the year is Nourish. What a better way to be Nourished than to start the Daniel Fast.

Our entire family started the Daniel Fast today. We will go 30 days. I am excited but a little nervous due to trying to plan and keep things on hand so we want give in. 

Today I am making my meal plan for the week. I think to keep this economical and less stressful I will be sticking with pretty basic options for our breakfast and lunch. 

Today's menu:

We had fruit and almonds for breakfast.

We had tomato soup with bananas, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds for lunch.

Supper will be Corn Chowder.

For snacks we are sticking with nuts, and fruit.

I plan to experiment and create some good dishes. But the focus shouldn't solely be about food. So, I feel the more simple I make it then the true fasting takes place. It isn't meant to be 100% pleasant that is the part of fasting. We also will be eating humble servings. In other words not 3 bananas and peanut butter just because it is allowed on the list, or 3 bowls of soup.

We will also be doing family devotions in the evening to go along with this. I plan to share ideas, tips, and recipes during the month.

Have you ever did the Daniel Fast? What were some of your recipes?



  1. Wow! I've never done that before and you are brave to try!! =0 Happy New Year!!!

  2. Thank you. I just want to draw close to Christ and we need to clean our diets up. So....this is what I felt. :)


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