Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Homeschool Recap~Late Better Than Never (Week 3 Winter Term)

This is a little late but we have been so busy enjoying life it has been hard to make the time to get on here. Week 4 is already on its way and almost halfway through. 

Week 3 in our Winter Term went well. We are a little more relaxed in the winter.  I try to find ways to keep us learning but in a fun way due to the yucky coldness and being closed inside. One of the highlights of the week was a Bird Workshop at our local Nature Center (CACHE RIVER WETLAND CENTER) and we had a great time. We learned about Winter Birds, feed, and other neat facts. We made nesting boxes and a bird feeder. Afterwards, we explored the Nature Center. It was super cold but we had a good time.

Ethan loves history and that child would do nothing but history if I allowed it.

Ethan is learning how the government formed. He is studying amendments and rights.
 The smaller ones and I have been plugging away at the 3 R's and reading books on winter and snow. They made snowflakes one day while I read a loud. I love the cozy feeling it brings our home. 
 We already are plugging away in our 4th Week and we are learning about the Chinese New Year. Our homeschool group is doing a Project Night.  The theme is Special Days, Holy Days, and Holidays. We chose the Chinese New Year. I know that it is full of other things most would like to protect their children from but I believe teaching your children about other cultures and their beliefs helps us realize there is a real need for prayers and help.  This helps us reach out to the world by knowing how to pray for them, and to teach our children the trials missionaries have to face where they are sent.

Have a blessed week.


  1. I completely know where Ethan is coming from. I love learning history!


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