Friday, January 10, 2014

Homeschool Week Recap (1st Week of Winter Term)

After a long Holiday Break from school I was very excited to get back to normalcy. We kind of had a slow approach this week but accomplished what I wanted. The little ones are learning about seas and oceans. They created their own fish and under the sea picture. We did a neat science experiment on how temperature affects ocean currents. Ethan wrote an amazing British Mystery for language arts. He is a child after my own heart. Most of my friends know I swoon over English EVERYTHING. From movies, decor, the landscaping, and the rich culture. We finally got out this week and went skating with fellow homeschool friends.

We are also reading some amazing books on Snow, Ice, and all things related. The library was packed full of good winter reads.

As a read aloud we are reading, Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen. It has been a smooth week after a long break.

I am still enriching myself with JOY. I am recording scriptures that relate to JOY daily. I try to add to the JOY Scripture book daily a new scripture. I also read them in the morning. This has set a great tune to my day.

I hope all you had a great week rather you were homeschooling, working, or serving.



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