Friday, January 31, 2014

What Joy I Gained

Most of you know I was on a quest to dig deep in finding JOY in the WINTER months. I have had a really good January.  For the first time in so many years I was able to cling to the words I surrounded myself with and embrace JOY. Even when things wasn't always joyful this month I had built a foundation in the Word of God that helped me remain joyous in tough moments.

I found that true JOY for me is really embracing life. The good and bad. The blah and exciting. True JOY is being thankful in all situations. Embracing the outpouring of God and the time spiritual droughts.

I also feel by surrounding myself with the things that uplift me has created JOY in our home. I know that TRUE JOY is when you are in the presence of JESUS.  Having a fairly consistent routine in His Word, Prayer, and Studying has created the most JOY.

I have enjoyed finding scriptures, quotes, and poems about JOY. I have had a wonderful time training myself to stop and smell the roses. To be in the moment and fully engaged.

As January comes to an end I will hopefully embrace my experience I have had studying and mediating on JOY. I want it to carry through my life in all that I do.

February leads me to a study a word that seems a little hard to me to find its meaning and place in my life. For some reason this Word has highlighted in the Word to me. When I hear worship songs that have this Word in it the word magnifies in sound.  I am going to see where the Lord leads me in discovering the place and the meaning of GLORY!

Glory is my Word Study for February!


  1. Awesome on your January! :-) When I think of glory off the top of my head, no pun intended, I think of a woman's long hair and then of course the glory of God!


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