Saturday, March 1, 2014

What is Humility?

Jesus washing feet of man

This is one meaning of humility and words related to it........
  1. modesty or respectfulness: the quality of being modest or respectful
  2. synonyms: self-effacement · unpretentiousness · humbleness · modesty · meekness
Jesus was a beautiful portrait of humility.  He chose to dwell among us in a state of lowliness when he could have been treated as royalty. The fact of the matter... He is the KING OF KINGS. He showed us that even though we are Daughters and Sons of a King we are to keep humble, meek, and modest.
I have a habit of being critical at times. I am just being honest. I don't mean to but it does happen and I felt a nudge that it was time to remind myself of humility and grace. Humility TO ME is being meek, soft, and gentle. Thinking more highly of others even when they don't do things they way I think they should. I need to remind myself that as the Lord works in my life to prune out the bad, He is working in others. I am a natural encourager and I love to make people feel good. I guess you can say it is one of my gifts. But with that at times I can also be negative. Not to them but in my heart I can question why people act so rude, why they live that way, and I struggle to have compassion on those that continue to wallow in pity.
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One of my goals in March is......If I Haven't Got Anything Nice to Say I AM NOT Saying it at ALL.  One of those Golden Rules!
How does this have anything to do with Humility?  Tune in next week for a deeper dive as I March into March searching Humility.
Do you or have you ever struggled and focused on Humility?  Please share!


  1. This is lovely -- beautiful graphic! Thanks for sharing it with us this weekend. :)

  2. I think we all have are critical or have been at some point in our lives. It's something I have worked on and admit that although I have done really well with it, I still need to work on it. I usually find myself in mid thought/conversation and think, "Now Becky...that's not how God would want you to be!" I also find myself having a difficult time dealing with those that are critical towards me especially those who do so often (I will say that when I'm on the receiving end, it makes me think more about my moments of being critical towards others). When it's people I don't know all that much, it doesn't seem to bother me near as much as those who are close to me. I would let their words make me feel I wasn't good enough, or worthy enough. That too has been a big thing I've worked on. Doing better, but still a ways to go.


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