Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Fun- June Family Fun-Hiking

We have been having some fun this summer.  I have been trying hard to be intentional to have a summer filled with fun, but also order. It is so easy to become mushy brained and lazy in the summer.  I know...I know...its SUMMER!  But I can only take so much of laziness and mushiness and then it turns into stinky tudes. So....I have made a plan for our summer. Using Pinterest I planned certain things for certain days. But don't worry I also planned lots of free down time as well.

Monday-Make It Day

Tuesday- Trip Day

Wednesday- Work Day (volunteer, random acts of kindness)

Thursday- Think N Chill Day (play games, research, extra reading)

Friday- Free Day and Family Night (I run errands on this day and I also plan to do some scrapbooking)

Saturday- Family Fun Day Time Activity

Sunday- Sabbath

So...I planned out how many weeks we have until school starts and marked off church camps and such and then figured out how many trips to plan, things to make, ideas for volunteer work and then planned it out accordingly.

I also have set up a structure to make sure they have a balance of things we feel are needed everyday and also free time.

We all have been sleeping in, staying up late, veggie outing, and lazyin.  I think we have had a good balance of that and now we are going to be a little more structured but with plenty of time through the week and day to have LAZIN.  Smiles!

We went hiking today and had a great time. But I am tired. I enjoyed seeing my children smile and laugh. Embracing nature and loving God's handiwork is such a wonderful experience.

 They played in creeks and streams.  We finished up with a picnic and on the way home we treated ourselves with snow cones.  YUMMMM!  My favorite is Blue Raspberry. We hiked 4 hours today. I can honestly say I am TIRED!   Below is a natural bridge out of sandstone. 

 Illinois is known for wildflowers and prairie terrain. I love the wildflowers here and when I am low..... just a drive in the country to soak up some rural beauty and wildflowers always refreshes my spirit. Along with prayer and praise music of course *Wink*

We had a lovely day and I am looking forward to our summer plans.  I am also prepared that life happens so I expect interruptions and flexibility! 

Thanks for popping by!

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