Friday, July 11, 2014

Health Issues!!! What I am Doing?

We have had a pretty good summer so far. Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, and showers are all under the belt.  Whew!  One of the biggest things we have done as a family that I have enjoyed is hiking. We have been hiking regular and we have seen some beautiful scenery and have enjoyed it so much. One thing it has done though was revealed to me how out of shape I have gotten. I have gained a lot of weight over the last few years. 

I had hit an all time low this summer. I had these great plans made for the summer and because of my health I have had to watch it pass by. I have had some enjoyment but I had to really force myself to do things with my kids and for our home due to me feeling awful.

I went to the Dr and discovered I was only a couple points from a transfusion and my anemia was real bad. I also have high cholesterol.  The worse news was my youngest son Kyle had been having chest pains and shortness of breath. The Dr discovered he has a irregular heartbeat that is very irregular and we need to see a Ped Cardiologist. She wouldn't approve his physical for any physical activity or sports.

You try telling a 7 year old he can't run. It was a hard day yesterday to say the least. But a good one in a way because it woke me up. I had this fog around me from feeling so bad.  Last year I had went gluten free and cleaned up my diet for a bit and felt great. It didn't last long because I got swept away in eating junky again and now my body is wrecking havoc.

I have treated my body like a trash can. I am like Oscar the Grouch stuck in the can. Yesterday, revealed to me the seriousness of taking care of our bodies. I never bought soda. VERY RARE. But in the last week along we went through 2 cases. I started to have heart palpitations.  Kyle had been drinking lots of soda.

NO MORE.  Today...I woke up fresh and anew. I prayed God to give me direction and I believe He will help us.  Hannah and Ethan were slightly overweight, acne, and early blooming. I know it stems from what we put in our bodies.

I will be posting more on our lifestyle changes here so my focus may go in a different direction. Laughing Out Loud, I really don't have a focus here. I rarely blog anymore. Partly, because I always felt bad and had no motivation.

So...I took some steps yesterday after the DR visit. I headed to the health food store and spoke to a consultant.  I had been tested last summer for wheat and gluten and found I had a allergy to wheat and intolerance to gluten. So, she helped me get a regimen of supplements to help me get out of the fog so I could begin to focus on taking care of myself and my family. I can't take care of them if I am couch bound with pain and tiredness.

I purchased a detox kit (steps to clean my gut), Vit B12 ( I was depleted), Iron(anemia), Fish Oil (Cholesterol), Vit D ( because I needed it and to aid with depression), Probiotic (aid in gut health).

I started last night.  I got up early this morning and have drank tons of water, lemon water, took all my supplements, ate a total gluten free diet today, took a morning walk, and had a wonderful prayer and bible time. I feel refreshed.  I have a looooonnnnggg road ahead but I took the first step and that is the hardest.

Love you all,
Chrissy T


  1. I totally understand health issues, we are dealing with so many ourselves right now! One day, we will have a glorified body!! :-)

  2. May God give you strength as you work on making good changes!


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