Monday, September 15, 2014

Gifts All Around

Gifts really are all around us. They greet us in the morning, reach for our attention all through the day, and even kiss us goodnight when it's time to hit the pillow. They swirl around our lives and a lot of the time I never notice.

Gifts of grace, mercy, love, laughter, sunshine, moon lit skies, snuggles, smells of babies, softness of blankets, whispers of I love You's, hands to hold, food to cook, money for bills, roof over the heads, fluffy dogs, candle glow, dew on the ground, blooming mums, fresh eggs, sounds of a dryer drying my clothes, smells of autumn, gentle nudges from The Lord, and HOPE that I will see my Jesus!

These gifts aren't huge, or even fancy to most. But theses gifts are what God shares with me to bring me long lasting joy. Materials fade and sometimes people disappoint or leave.  But you can always see the sun, grasp hope, breathe in creation, and find GRACE.

Thank you Lord for GIfTS of LIFE!

What gifts can you open today?