Sunday, September 21, 2014

I is for Intimate

The gift of intimacy with God is the best gift ever. I am so thankful to know the Lord personally.  I have a maker, He formed my heart, and my life is in His Hands. He knows my name, He knows my every thought, He sees each tear that falls, and hears me when I call.
                             Replica of the Tree of Good and Evil at Creation Museum

That song is so beautiful.  He knows my name. It is true!  He knows our very amount of hair on our heads, He knows our thoughts, and our so-called "hidden" secrets that aren't at all really hidden. 

The most beautiful precious gift is the intimacy of being in His presence.  I love feeling the breezes on my face because I know it is Him.  I love the sound of nature because I know it is Him. I love the splendor of the night sky because I know its His taste of beauty. 

                                        Creation Museum Gardens of Beauty!

Lord may we embrace your desire to be intimate with us.