Sunday, September 7, 2014

September Word~Gifts

Inspired by Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts, and many of her posts, I have gotten on the bandwagon to count the gifts in my life. Good and Bad. I have been enjoying her book. I know that it has been out a while. I actually have had it for a year and I would read a little and stop. Do it again and stop. I believe my heart wasn't ready for the pruning, and growth that is taking place. I wish it would have because I have wasted precious gifts and not thanked the Lord for the small things in life.  This led to me feeling discontent and grumpy because all I could see was yucky things and problems.

The thing is there will always be problems and yuckiness in our lives but to see the Lord in the midst of it quiets are hearts and helps us have a hope in HIM!

                                   Cozy Afternoon Blog Time.  Enjoying my Fall quilt!

I have star. I have begun to record my gifts daily. Some are simple, some are deep, some are funny, and some are very precious.
I have a journal that I record nightly before bed the things I am thankful for. Gifts surround our day. We have to tell our hearts to BE STILL and SEE them.

                                 My journal of recorded gifts awaits me everyday!

Right now I am enjoying soft music, grape kool-aid, the sounds of grasshoppers and birds as my window allows a soft breeze to flow through my room, and the comforts of a wonderful bed. I am blessed. Way blessed.

My Word for this Month is GIFTS!

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