Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Letter G

I love turning words into acronyms. I'm not sure why but I love them.  September word is GIFTS. Today we are talking about the "G" in GIFTS.

G is for giving.  You have to do GIVING when it comes to GIFTS.  God gives good gifts. Numerous.....too many to count.  Big, small, and even super tiny.  A child's smile can be a gift on a rotten day. Precious snuggles can lighten your mood. The smells of yummy baked goods. The beautiful lit sky by millions of stars can be a show of God's handiwork.  Ohhhhh...that makes me feel like I have been given the best show.

I'm so blessed.  I have hands to hold, love to show, love received, and warm embraces. Most important I have the Love of Jesus flowing through my veins. His precious gift of sacrifice is the best gift I could have ever been given.

No rotten day can steal GIFTS of life unless you let it.  Joy flows from gifts! Hearts brighten and soften!

Bless you today!