Saturday, January 3, 2015

Release...A Part of Moving Forward

Sometimes to move FORWARD you have to RELEASE. RELEASE what holds you trapped down. RELEASE those chains of regret! Chains of CONTROL! Trying to CONTROL causes set backs. Remember....we are trying to move FORWARD!  God is the one that has to have control. 

You can keep trying to grip your life and hold it so tight that you actually don't live. You risk suffocation. I don't want to suffocate in my failures. I don't want to keep bucking the Will of God.

Joy comes when RELEASE happens. Your feet and Soul can move FORWARD!

 Let us cross the Bridge of Release. Let us raise our hands to heaven WIDE OPEN!  Throw your head back and feel the chains fall off. Feel the BREEZE on your face. The SOUL and MIND becomes clear. Give it all to JESUS. Laugh! Cry!  Heaven Sake let us Dance. We are free! Free from micro-managing, regrets, and high expectations!

I am MOVING ON! FORWARD! I want to acknowledge GOD in all my ways and I can......WE directed in our PATH!

Love You ALL!

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