Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When Moving Forward Seems Like You Are Going Backwards

As you all know my "word" I wanted to use for this year (2015) was FORWARD. Oh my feels like I have went backwards. It is so funny because every time I get on "track" I end up going backwards, detoured, or derailed for that matter.

I was griping and moaning to the Lord about it becoming so frustrating and I was TIRED of trying to move FORWARD  when all I was going to do was go back 4 steps. It hit me. My life isn't always about constant moving FORWARD without stops and detours along the way. Maybe the real test or shall I say issue isn't really the fact that I keep falling down the ladder. Maybe its the process of pushing through, moving forward no matter what. Maybe its not about moving forward and always having it smooth this year. Maybe the Word I felt led to choose and study was about going Forward through rain, sunshine, joy-filled abundance days, sad broken heart days, storms, and calm. 

I am going to stop thinking I am a failure or that my life is on a hamster wheel of mess. I am going to look at detours, pit stops, and ladder of life slips as part of the process of moving Forward.

What about you do you ever feel like this?

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  1. I think I know what you are saying but I think it is normal (at least for humble people LOL) to feel like a failure from time to time. I've gone through a lot of those feelings and then they resurface again. Remember what Paul said - press toward the mark - keep striving, pressing, etc.

    The past few years I've felt like my life is going nowhere but then I realize that I have grown in the Lord and I'm not the same person spiritually that I was several years ago. My life hasn't turned out like I thought it would in some areas and that makes me feel like a failure BUT......I think of how it did turn out and what I'm doing and I realize that my thoughts of what I should have been, weren't necessarily God's. Not sure if that makes any sense to you but it does me LOL! ;-)

    Pray in the Holy Ghost to build yourself up, which I'm sure you are but I find that it really does help me in those times just to pray more in the HG as it is God praying through us and He knows what we need!!


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