Friday, March 27, 2015

New Change

As you can tell I am changing the blog name and hope to actually get my own domain but until now I'm staying here. I hope to do a facelift. I am changing gears because once again my life season has changed and I'm focusing on managing our home, becoming frugal and thrifty, and learning prudent living. I am leaving my job at the Christian school and will be able to stay home and keep home as well as help my husband in the ministry as he needs me. My husband is a Pastor in a rural area and he needs help and for 9 years I have homeschooled, then we went to a Christian school this past year, and now I am heading back home. To be able to stay at home I will have to pull some major budget adjustments so henceforth I'm creating a spot to journal, share, and encourage this here at Keeping Home!

Older post will stay but the direction will change here.



  1. Staying home sometimes means doing without "things" and stretching those pennies into dimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope to pick up a tip or two from you. Welcome home!

    1. Thank you Wendi, I am forever glad to have found your blog as you have shared great things.

  2. Glad to hear an update from you! Wishing you the best in your transition! :-)

  3. I am so glad you two stopped by and peeked in on me. I am glad to know I got someone still popping by. Both of you ladies have been a great help to me on your sites. Wendi- Laundry Detergent and Bev- Meal Planning. Thank you!!!!


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