Sunday, March 29, 2015

Start Living Frugal..Big or Small...Just Start

Even if you have a money and can afford more than most I believe it is wise to be a good steward of the money you have been blessed with. 

I can recall countless times I said I just wished I had money to help someone or means to assist and be holding my daily Dr. Pepper in my hand or my Egg McMuffin as I was convicted of my haphazard spending.

I could afford a coat or a small need if I didn't spend on such frivolous things. I am not saying you aren't a good steward if you buy these things. I believe in the occasional treat. But when my priority isn't right it is time to make it right.

                                             Creation Museum Gardens

Here are some simple things I have done to cut some cost...

1. Made a budget
2. Make my own laundry detergent (LOVE it)
3. Make my own fabric softener
4. Try to repurpose small things
5. Cut open containers to get the most out of it (lotion bottles, toothpaste, etc)
6. Shop at a discount grocery stores
7.  Combine errands to save gas
8. Try to refrain from shopping malls and places I could be persuaded to BUYYY!
9. Using leftovers
10. Started researching ways to cut cost and put them in practice
11. fixed leaky faucets
12. replace bulbs to energy efficient in the home
13. use wind blockers for the doors to stop that blast of cold air
14. we learned to fix things on our own besides paying others from plumbing, oil changes, and home repairs
15. stopped using credit cards and paid them all off

What are some ways you save?  Please share!!!!


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