Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bread in the Crock Pot Experiment

The other day I came across a recipe on Crockpot Rolls.  The idea is to speed up the rising and jump start the bake time. The recipe used Rhodes Frozen Rolls. She sprayed the inside of the crock with Olive Oil and the frozen rolls and put them on high for 2 hours. These were solid frozen rolls and after they had risen she turned the heat down on low for 2 hours or until golden.  She put them in the oven to make them a little crisper.

I just happen to have had a Frozen Bread Loaf and experimented with it and it turned out super good. It was a little more like Artisian Bread once it was all said and done. It was good to pair with a soup.

It was a neat experiment. I would probably do this only if I had Frozen Dough on hand and was in rush where my hands couldn't be occupied by kneading and such but my favorite is traditional by the hand from scratch way.

I do have a bread machine.  I usually always just make it, knead it, let it rise, and bake it. I just like the hand process of it all. Something nostalgic about it I suppose.

Hannah my daughter loves these Daffodils and every time they bloom she has to have them.  I was sick a couple of weeks ago and bed ridden and that sweet child went in the rain and arranged for me this treat for our kitchen. She is one of my heartbeats. I love her so.

Praise God for this blog and the new friends I have met through it. I have felt so discouraged by the Lord has been so good and I am so thankful for you all.


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  1. The bread looks great, Chrissy. I made some bread in the crock pot last year and it was great. i hope you are feeling a little better.


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