Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Busy Bee!

Hello Dear Sweet Friends,

I have been busy as a bee!  We have 11 days left of school before summer starts here in our abode! Lots of field trips, picnics, and organizing for the next school year is going on. We also have a "Servant's Heart" Work week at our church all week. Basically, the church comes together for "spring cleaning" the church! After work today I came home and cooked the extra chicken pot pie meal from last week and headed to the church. I washed all the baseboards of the Sanctuary and deep cleaned the Sanctuary at the church.

Monday we celebrated Ethan's fifteenth birthday! SNIFF!  We had a special time with his youth group and some family friends!  He is growing to be a fine young man!  I'm thankful for him because he gave me the experience of motherhood!  I love him so!

My posts may be sporadic this week due to busyness! But things will slow down soon!

Praying you all have a good week!



  1. You are almost there!! ;-) Have a good week!

  2. Chrissy, you certainly are busy. Don't overdo it now will you? :-)

    1. Promise I will not. I have been setting times to cut things off so that I can relax and make sure that I take time for rest and for my family. God is good!

  3. Only 16 more days of school here. Not that I am counting down or anything! ;) Don't wear yourself out cleaning the church.

  4. I am counting!!!!!! I will try not. I have 2 more nights!!!


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