Sunday, April 5, 2015

Frugal Goals Week 2

Well ladies last weeks goals went okay. I unplugged everything reachable to nix vampire sources. I will say we had some unexpected purchases that happened that made my week not feel very successful but flexibility is a must I suppose!

This week I plan to do
1. Clean freezers out and make a inventory list to better plan meals
2. Make a menu for the rest of April
3. Put screens on our windows so we can use them for air flow besides turning airor fans on. We are in the 60's to 70's right now.  It comfortable most of the day with no windows open or fans but at night after cooking it gets warm.
4. Do a $5 pantry stock up purchase

I hope to do some spring cleaning this week and spring clean our budget a little more. What is on your list this week?


  1. Looks like some great goals! ;-)

    I need to plan us a menu for a month on $250 - we are trying to keep it really low to keep our savings going for the possible move in the fall. It will be hard since we have been spending more than that the past few months but we need to get back down to that goal.

    I also need to do some baking and stock up our freezer with snacks for the month, which will help with our goal above by not buying the boxed snacks.

    I also need to divide up 20 pounds of chicken breasts I bought into 2 pounds per freezer bag and freeze those for future meals. I came across a good deal for $1.99 a pound and that is really low for us out here! It is normally $2.99 or more a pound.

    1. Oops, I wrote 20 pounds but I meant 10 pounds for $20. Figures I would proofread AFTER hitting publish. =0

  2. Sounds like some good plans. Awesome chicken deals! I hope to do some freezer stocking in summer!

  3. Great plans, Chrissy. We are gearing up for winter here so our winter vegetable seedlings are being planted. Thankfully we can grow veggies year round here in Australia.

    1. That is awesome to be able to grow year round!

  4. Hi Chrissy, I think I lost my earlier comment, I was on my ipad...
    We must have screens on windows in Australia. You can make makeshift ones from velcro and netting which can be very helpful. Also fine lace curtaining can work. Once I hung an IKEA net curtain across a doorway so I could leave that open for the cool breeze and it worked great. (except I had to close it at bedtime).
    Last week I did rally well with saving in lots of ways and this week is going well too. I will post on Bluebirds on Friday my whole list.
    A pantry and freezer challenge can use things up and save a heap of money that week. I do it sometimes to get a big bill paid, or to use the money for something else we need. It is good, it makes you think inventively! Good luck! xxx

    1. I think I'm going to do a challenge to use up what we have bc I need to be better at this! We normally do have screens but the home we moved i has custom made roll out windows and they didn't have screens! Weird! Thanks for tips!


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