Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hobo Steak & Crock Pot Baked Potato (Another Sunday Fixin)

One way that I have been working on our budget is NOT EATING OUT. Our biggest culprit is Sunday. My husband is a Pastor and Sunday's tend to be a long day. Enjoyable but long. If I am not conscientious about preparing our meal before I leave our home we end up eating out.

                                               Church Fun with Friends
                                                     (April 2015)

Since working on our budget we have saved lots of money by cutting this out. I utilize a lot of crock pot meals or slow cooking items.

                                    One my dearest friends and neighboring Pastors Wife
                                                          (April 2015)

Last Sunday's dinner was Hobo Steak and Baked Potatoes.  I made up hamburger patties with seasons, topped with onion and made a tinfoil pack for each individual patty. I put them in the oven on 375 while we got dressed (45 minutes) and before I headed out to church I bumped the degrees down to 190.  They cooked for about 3 hours. Oh my...they were moist, juicy, and perfect.

I then took my potatoes and gave them a good scrub, poked holes in them, and rubbed butter on them.  I rolled them up in tinfoil as I would baking a potato and put them in my crock pot on high. They cooked 4 hours. They also were perfect.

Hobo Steaks (Servings 6)

1 1/2 to 2 lbs of ground beef ( I used 2)

seasonings such as salt, pepper, and garlic salt

I also tossed a brown gravy pack in the burger because it sounded good and I am using things in my cabinet up.

1/2 c of bread crumbs

Make patties as a burger patty and place in foil, top with onion, and wrap up.

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  1. That sounds yummy!! Sunday is also a day we tend to want to eat out, I'm trying to plan to have lots of leftovers that day but sometimes it is a fail LOL!

    1. They were. I tried to do leftovers on Sunday but it was a fail bc we always wanted something fresh and yummy! My family isn't huge leftover fans so I try to cook exact or we do something unique with them.

  2. I've never tried baking potatoes in the crockpot. That would be a good thing to do in the summer instead of turning on the oven.

    1. They are so easy and yes keeps the heat down!


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