Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Goals & Flower Bed After Photos

I have 2 1/2 weeks left at my job. It really is a bitter sweet thing for me. I honestly enjoy so much what I do, but I know it is best and meant for me to be home. I have projects swirling in my mind. But most important is investing in my spiritual walk and getting my health better so I can think and serve better.

Goals for the Home this week

Clean our storage room
Prepare for our oldest sons birthday coming up
Keeping up with the Basics as I am still working outside the home

Goals for the Budget this week

Make another budget that is more solid without my pay since I only have 1 check left before I am finished on my job.

Here are some snapshots of the work we accomplished this past Saturday in the yard. I am very pleased.

Goals for the Family

Date Night with Hubs
Plan Summer outings and learning fun

 I am so excited to see these bloom out and fill this bed.  They will be pretty.

Goals for My Health

Drink daily suggestion of water
Drink Lemon water in the AM
Walk at least 3 times this week for 15 Minutes (small goal but attainable for me)

I plan to do a wild flower garden later and my husband plans to do a raised bed for some basic gardening. Due to our mission trip to the Solomon Islands this July we aren't going to be able keep up with a big garden.

Have a Blissful Blessed Day!


  1. Chrissy, you are going to the Solomon Islands in July! That is really close to Australia. You will love it I am sure. My girl went to Vanuatu with Teen Missions when she was 16 and had a great time apart from when a cyclone hit and they were shut inside for three days. LOL! That was in December though when it was hotter. Your garden looks lovely.

    1. Yes..we are excited. Some of our close friends are missionaries in Vanuatu and they are Australian. Thanks!!!

  2. How beautiful the bed under the windows will look when it fills out.

  3. Take me with you LOL! Sounds like an amazing trip coming up!! Beautiful flowers too!


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