Friday, May 1, 2015

Photo Friday~A Week in Pics

This week has been busy.  Like BUSY BEE BUSY! So, here is a recap of our week at our abode.

First Round....celebrated our oldest son's 15th Birthday with friends/youth from church.

 Second Round....enjoyed a day at the Lazy L Safari Field Trip I had for my class. My youngest Kyle came with me. It was a lot of fun!!!

 Third Round.....I hosted a Tea Party at my home for my Kindergarten and Preschool class. The loved it. The got all dressed up and we went to my home where I had it all set up and then we changed clothes and headed on a Nature Walk. It was lovely. I am thankful I had a parent volunteer. Whew!

This was on top of a church work week for deep cleaning, teaching at work everyday, laundry, cleaning, cooking, PTA meeting, Lady Ministry Conference Planning, and dentist appointments. Yep....I am so ready for the weekend. Wait....I have a busy weekend too. So...just for fun...I had to post the pic below!

My mother is coming to our home tonight from another state to visit. We have a Women's Conference (she is attending) Saturday, and Church Sunday!

Then it starts ALL OVER!  I have only 8 more days for this school year. I am ready for some summer fun. I am feeling so much better. They fixed my Thyroid medication and I have been taking Super Vitamn B 12 and my energy and health has improved a great deal.

I am proud to say there were so many times this week due to busyness I wanted to eat out but I stuck to my ground and saved so much more money. I used leftovers and created new recipes.  I planned out our food and stuck with that.

Tonight we are doing Chicken Enchiladas, Chips, and Salsa. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!!



  1. Just reading all that stressed me out LOL!!! =0

    I've been taking MegaFood vitamins for almost a month now and they have dramatically changed my health problems, mood and overall feeling in my body. My doctor had believed I had a vitamin deficiency and told me to take a prenatal but prenatals make me sick and I can't tolerate them. After researching a lot, I came across MegaFood vitamins and how they are made from whole foods (no GMO's, etc.) and your body can absorb them better than synthetic vitamins, which sometimes never break down in your body. I ordered the Baby and Me Herb-Free and within a few days of taking them there was dramatic improvement in my body. I feel nourished - I can actually FEEL the vitamins and I feel SO healthy! I've never felt like with vitamins before and I'm going to be writing the company soon and telling them my health history and how their vitamins have changed my life.

    I also told my doctor and he knows all about all my problems and he was amazed at how well I was doing and wanted the name of the vitamins and where you buy them from. (Amazon or most stores)

    Thought I would let you know about this - I'm going to blog it about soon on my homekeeping blog, so you are the first to hear my review! ;-) They are expensive but my husband said they are cheaper than all our medical bills and he is so right LOL!!!

  2. I am tired just hearing all that is going on with you! I will have the research the B12 and see if it might be beneficial for me. I went to see a specialist a couple of weeks ago for my cronic cough/ashma (it has not been under control since Christmas) and am feeling much better. My energy level is better, but I would like to see it improve some more. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Bev- that is awesome!
    Wendi- they help a lot

  4. Not every week is like this! they are far and few! But every now and then it just seems it is a busy one!

  5. I am glad you are feeling better! Your week was wonderful. Well done on the money savings too. Lovely photos! Have a great weekend and a little rest! Xxx


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