Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Alive and Well

Hello everyone. I am still kicking. Just been such a busy couple of weeks. As you can tell from my last several post I was in a busy season. April and May always seem to creep up and swarm me with a lot of events and things.  Easter, Mother's Day, Graduations, and spring yard to do's.

I hope I still have some readers on here. *Smiles*

                                             Spring Family Photos (2015)
Okay, so the last time I was on here regular I had made the decision to leave my job.  Then I changed my mind as I began to do our budget. Then some things transpired and God confirmed I really needed to step out in faith and quit and began to Homeschool my younger ones again.

                                                      Spring Photos 2015
This fall that is what will be happening in the Abode.  I am officially going back to be a homemaker and homeschool mommy and I am ever excited. No regrets. I do have some nervousness but I am praying God will help me with it all. Last year was my first year to work and my younger children's first time in school for length of time. I had always homeschooled my youngest. My daughter went a couple of months when she was a Kindergartner. My oldest has 3 years until graduation and he would like to continue in the Christian school. So, we will see how it goes and plan to send him back this fall.
                                                 These were FREE photos!

We are busy getting ready for our Missions Trip to the Solomon Islands.  We have 33 days left until we fly out and I am excited, nervous, and mixed with so many emotions. This has been a deep burden for my husband and I for 7 years and it is finally coming to fruition. We raised all our money and not $1 came from our account.

                                           The kids End of the Year Awards

Around the abode I am lacking in motivation to do the things I need to. I am struggling to work our budget. With my job gone and my husband being off in the summer it is really making things TIGHT!  But I am trying to be creative and content.

I hope you all are well. Hopefully, I can be more regular until our Missions Trip. Bless you all.



  1. Good to see a post from you!

    Aww... the good ol'budget. We are looking at things being really tight around here in the fall. Not fun, but I have faith that it will all work out.

    If you don't make it back on before your mission trip I pray that it is a wonderful expreience!

  2. Nice pictures and glad that you are getting answers!! :-) Excited for you and your trip!!

  3. You will love your mission trip I am sure, Chrissy. Don't worry about the money side of things. If you are sure you are doing the right thing God will be there to guide you through.

  4. When every we step out in faith and do what God has called us to do. He will honor that step of faith that you are taking and He will bless it. Just trust Him! Have a wonderful time on your trip. Good for you all on raising the full amount. We are planning a missionary trip in November to Mexico. We need to do some fund raising as well. Blessings.


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