Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Just A Little Piece of a Pie

This past summer we were blessed to venture across the world to do a short missions trip to the Solomon Islands in the Pacific. It was the most rewarding, scariest, exciting, challenging, and amazing time of our lives. This opened our eyes to the World. I think sometimes we get so caught up in our little lives, little world, our own nations, and communities that we forget really that there is a HUGE WORLD. This world is in need and hungers for Jesus and love. 

 The most beautiful thing about the Island is the children. I loved them all. I wished I could have taken them all home. Yes, there is poverty but these children are loved. The parenting skills of the Islands is amazing. They are very protective of the children.


The Market is huge. I have so many shots of it but I had to post this because I was blown away at the size of the Sweet Potatoes. They are massive.  Sadly, they let them grow to long and they don't taste very well to me. They love them though.

 Kids are everywhere and they don't let hardship stop them from being sweet, happy, and joyful. They are very content with life.

I had the honor of speaking to the Ladies of the church and encouraging them in their roles they have as Women. They have such a understanding of Titus 2. It blows my mind. I learned more from them than I am sure they did from me.

 Derrick (the Hubs) had the honor of baptizing some ladies and a man. It was such a beautiful experience.

The church and the people showered us with love, hospitality, and respect. We made so many life long friends. It was very hard to say goodbye. I cried and cried. A piece of my heart is still there.

I will forever be grateful to those that sponsored, blessed, and helped make this lifetime experience available to us. Not a day goes by that I do not think of them and the truth that needs to be shared with this Nation.

Our eyes were open and we realized we really are JUST A small PIECE of the PIE!


  1. So exciting and wow! I've always wanted to do something like this, so glad you got the opportunity! ;-)

  2. I am so pleased you had this opportunity, Chrissy. You were so close to Australia you could have jumped in a boat and sailed here to say hello. LOL! Thankfully the cyclone didn't hit when you were there.

  3. I have heard many say they leave a piece of their hearts behind when they return home. Your statement about how happy and content they were is another reminder that joy, happiness and contentment isn't about things but really is a matter of the heart. I am happy you were able to experience this amazing trip!

  4. Wow, how wonderful you where able to ministry there. I love how they where joyful and happy with what they have....lesson to be learned. We are going to Mexico next month.
    The emotions that you describe about your trip is how I am feeling. Scared but excited.
    Blessing Chrissy


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