Friday, October 2, 2015

Before & After Shots of Unpacking

First thing FIRST was my morning time in the Word and Prayer. I am studying 1 John right now. I really dug in chapter 4.  It is all about LOVE!!!!

Second, I did my devotional. It is a new devotional called......Unpack Your Heart. How ironic it is about "unpacking"!  Smiles!  It is a sweet daily devotional and it really is  soul enriching. was time to get off the recliner....stop the coffee drinking...turn on my classical music and get going. Before you all STRESS OUT...NO my living room wasn't quite this crazy. But I had to unpack boxes and I did that before taking this pic.

The first picture of the Living Room...ahahaha!

After many cutting boxes, nails and hammer, and bleeding fingers......tada!!! Yes...I need curtains but it isn't in the budget and I am okay with that! *SMILES*

Now it was the Master Bedroom time. Please understand when we went into ministry we sold our home, cashed in our savings, and lived check to check. I minimalized A LOT. The home we had was very small and ALL...YES ALLLLL...of my children shared a bedroom. We didn't have storage, and we didn't have space for big furniture pieces. So, we are a little limited with furniture....but THAT IS OK! It is also not in my budget nor will it be going on any CARD!
I will make do.  I think it looks cozy and inviting.

Here is the BEFORE....


Just to prove to you and to keep myself from buying curtains...*WINK* I cut up my cards.  OH YEAH.....I AM THAT SERIOUS!!!!

I also got my Laundry/Office Area cleaned. I had no before shots because by that point I was tired and was ready to stop. But I pushed myself and got it done.

This little nook has always been a dream of mine. God is SOO GOOD to gift it to me.
I will be working from here. I am now a Usborne Book Consultant. Which I am so excited about.

  Here is our entry way.

Master Bath that I got almost done. I need to finish linen closet and organizing toiletries.

Tomorrow on my agenda is to do children rooms.  Yep...I am going to be TIRED!



  1. I love your new house it looks very nice and I love your decor. Way to go on cutting up card! I can't wait to see more photos of your moving in!

  2. Chrissy, it is a big job but your house looks very cosy and welcoming. Well done!

  3. Just think of all the fun you will have searching for the right curtains that fit your budget. I think sometimes it means more when you have to wait for something then when you just go out and buy whatever you want. It looks wonderful!

  4. Lovely...It will all come in time. I love living with LESS. More time for important things such as God and family.

  5. Dear Chrissy, I am just having a catch up with you. Now I know you have been busy moving!
    Firstly I love your home! Especially that gorgeous bedroom, bed and quilt! it is lovely.
    Secondly, I wrote you a letter, quite a long time ago. Snail mail. I dont think you must have got it unfortunately. It was just a little card and note.
    Thirdly there is lots I am loving here. Paying down debt, doing the best we can with what we have, being grateful... I am loving it all. With thanks,

    1. Thanks Annabel, I did not receive it sadly. I am sorry. With our travels, and moving, and such it may have gotten lost. I am so sorry. Thanks for your visit. I love your comments and blog.


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