Saturday, October 17, 2015

Debt Reduction NO GO!

Hello all,

I would love to say that our goal for debt reduction took place but it didn't. We aren't adding to debt but just aren't reducing sadly. I got majorly sick...still sick actually. I have been bed ridden for over a week now. It has been very difficult. So, the spending freeze went out the window as I had to have medicines, we had take out, and unexpected spending that couldn't be avoided.

I could be discouraged and in all honestly at first I was. I felt like a failure and then really didn't want to post any updates because....there were NONE as far as debt reduction.

I am just going to be honest it seems like this happens every time we want to make changes. I am sure it is a test. I am not as discouraged now because I have learned some things with all this. I will share later on.

For now I just wanted to pop on and let you know what was going on as far as the Debt Reduction plan.....not much of anything other than not adding anymore.

Until I mend my health again.......


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  1. Praying you get better soon!! I understand about the meds and takeout all too well, that was the past 6-9 months for us and we didn't get to save until this month. The plan was to have already reached our savings goal but it didn't happen - back to the drawing board as they say!


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