Saturday, October 3, 2015

Strip Down Debt Plan

It is almost time..can you feel my anticipation!!! Okay....probably not. I am trying also. I am not sure if it is anticipation or complete panic or BOTH!
This coming Monday is the day we are starting our Strip Down Debt Plan. Here are a couple of things we plan to do.

Step 1- Pray. In all seriousness!  *Smiles*

Step 2- Get Serious- Know our debt, know what our money is and where it is going.

Step 3- Create a Spending Plan (I rather call it this than a budget) Yes...I am laughing.

Step 4- Create a REALISTIC GOAL for paying our debt

Step 5- Make a Freeze on Foo Foo things.  YES....I said FOO FOO!  That means any stuff not needed, luxury things, things we can do without.....ugh too many "things" we tend to want and think is a need when its not.

This week will be about getting organized and knowing our stuff to set a better path in becoming Debt Free and Good Stewards.

As well as stopping anymore debt from incurring from this point on and freezing on Foo Foo things.  I laugh when I type that. But it is what I think stuff we don't is just FOO FOO!


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