Thursday, December 17, 2015


Hello friends,

I have so many things swirling in my head. My mind and spirit wants to do so many things but my body is on "NO-GO"!  I am still trying to recover from some health issues and it is limiting me from doing the things I want and need to do.

On a lighter note this morning in prayer I was praying about the above and in my reading today I was encouraged.

                                              The Lake in our backyard!

"Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established."
~ Proverbs 16:3

I am not sure but my heart jumped for joy when I read this. I have read it so many times but I need my thoughts to be directed by the Lord. Not by my wants, needs, and desires. I think we fail at times because we try to do things on our own. Even meaningful good things. I need the Lord to be my ever present strength. I need Him to tell me what to add or take off my mile long list of to-do's.

                                                 Hannah took this. I loved it!

I have been thinking about my "word" of the year! Last year my word was "Forward".  It was a year of complete change. Honestly, a lot of up's and down's. But in the end we did move "Forward" in a lot of areas. To some people it may seem we went backwards. Resigning a ministry (Pastoring), making decisions that were very scary, and moving across America and starting all over. To us it was moving "Forward"!

                                               Geese are always in our yard!

Anyway, The word "Commit" seems like a good word for the upcoming year. There are so many things I need to be consistent with. From personal time with the Lord, homeschooling, homemaking, health, and so on.

I am not for sure but I am mulling over this word, "Commit"!

Do you have a Word for the year?


Chrissy T


  1. No I don't have a word for the year at this stage, Chrissy. I hope next year is a more healthy one for you though as you have been through the mill a bit this year, haven't you?

  2. I was encouraged by this post! We had many changes this year as well, it was truly a roller coaster ride. :) But I am grateful for what the Lord has done. I also struggle with health issues so I can relate. I am looking forward to a restful 2016---resting in Him. Thanks for visiting our blog and hope you stop by again soon!

    1. Mrs. June,
      I love your blog it is always so inspiring to me. I pray you have that restful year!!!

  3. I forgot about doing this, thanks for the reminder! I'm not sure what my word was last year, I will have to go back and check but I will be thinking on a word for this coming year and hopefully blog about it. Commit sounds like a great word!


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